Why this Web site?

I have had a Web site for several years for my law practice. It included some of the content you will find here, such as briefs in appeals I have done and opinions in those cases.

That site was a small window into my practice for my clients, potential clients and the general public. I hope it provided some useful information for lawyers who practice criminal law and media law and for researchers.

That site posed several concerns for me. Because it used conventional Web technology, adding new material was time consuming and tedious. For visitors to the site finding the information they wanted or needed was difficult because there was no good way to search for it. But more importantly that technology did not allow me to control access to the site, much less to the documents available on it. To make briefs available to my colleagues meant making them available to my and their opposing counsel as well.

This Web site is built on a different system that makes adding new information and documents easy, permits indexing and seraching, and provides control over who has access to parts of the site and to individual documents. Casual visitors can get an overview of the work I do by browsing. If you register you will have access to more material that may be of interest to you. Research material will be accessible to lawyers and others who can use them for their clients' benefit.

We welcome all who are interested in the work we do, whether you are seeking legal representation, you are a member of the bar, or you merely have an interest in media and criminal law issues.